Surrogacy- Amber & Mike’s Little Miracles!

If you don’t believe in miracles, I’m sure this story will change your mind….

and this post,… if you’ve ever given up hope- this post should change your mind too,…


Amber and Mike struggled with infertility for years. They have done countless IVF cycles, had too many losses to bear, and felt hopeless at some points.

Just when Amber thought it was time to go another route, her and Mike learned the meaning of true friendship. Two amazing friends, Cindy and Sean, generously offered to have Cindy carry their child. Cindy and Sean have 2 beautiful children themselves, and Cindy was done seeing her colleague and her best friend who she’s taught with for 10 years,  disappointed time after time at how unsuccessful the IVF treatments were. Cindy offered to be a surrogate for her best friend & it worked! But there is more to this story….

Amber and Mike said that 10 IVF transfers was their magic number, their last attempt would be this one. Amber and Mike attempted their last and final IFV transfer the same day that Cindy had hers. The crazy part of this story,… when the last attempt was knocking at their door,… their IVF transplant worked too!

Both Cindy and Amber are carrying babies, due on the same day, July 4th~! So when all hope had felt lost, the last attempt was put in front of them the most amazing miracles happened to them! I have personally known Cindy & Sean for years but this was my first time meeting Amber and Mike. I can already tell that Amber and Mike are going to be wonderful parents to these beautiful blessings!

If you know someone who has struggled or is struggling, share this post to help them not give up hope. I know Amber and Mike held on when all things felt lost and these blessings are happening to them! Congrats to the soon to be parents! <3

Cindy(left) & Amber(right)- colleagues & best friends <3

Sean & Cindy with Amber & Mike (the soon to be parents of TWINS)!

Amber & Mike

Sean & Cindy with their beautiful children! 


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