Marie & Erik- Tarrywile Mansion Wedding

Marie and Erik have such a love and understanding for one another like none other than I have seen. They started their wedding day, a little later than expected, by exchanging gifts. Marie wanted me to capture this moment through the camera lens, but they already knew what they were getting from one another. We went into a quite room in the mansion as they each unwrapped their Tiffany’s box. Each gift is sentimental, and has a deeper meaning for each other besides a gift. Look below for the pictures of the gifts…

They went to their separate rooms to hang out and get ready for their wedding. In the bridal suit, Marie pointed out the tea cups in the corner of the room, they were her moms. She told me at some point this morning, she has them set up, so she could have tea with her mom in heaven. As she’s telling her story, we both ended up in tears. What a sweet detail of an otherwise busy day!

Their wedding was a small, simple, easy going wedding. Erik and Marie tied the knot in the beautiful atrium in the Tarrywile Mansion surrounded by friends and family. Their good friend became ordained so she could marry them, making their wedding day extra special. They also included a hand tieing ceremony that had their names sewed into the piece of fabric from Marie’s mother’s wedding dress. After the wedding, we took a few formal photos and then headed in to get the party started!

I looked forward to when Marie would email me throughout the whole wedding planning process. Her and Erik have such a witty, dry sense of humor that some would not understand, but I certainly did and I loved every minute of it. Here are some of my favorites from their wedding day! Enjoy & leave the couple a note below!

Venue: Tarrywile Park & Mansion

Caterer: Carriage House Catering, Chris

Hair & Make-up: Christie & Company, Christine

DJ: James Daniel, Paul

Flowers: Diane Gaudette, Custom Floral Design

Cake: Monet Baking Company, Monica


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  • […] The wedding of Marie and Erik was one of an older (no not old) couple looking to have a laid back celebration that their family and friends would enjoy. They were easy to work with and you can see that they had a comfortable rapport with Erica. Erica captured so many special moments in time through out the day, when brought together gave testament to a love story that has already stood the test of time and will continue to hold firm in the years to come. Read Marie & Erik’s story on Erica’s blog; Marie & Erik – Tarrywile Mansion Wedding […]ReplyCancel

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